Everything You Need to Know About Clash Of Clans Boat Update (May)


As we know supercell were working on a massive clash of clans boat update, completely different from every other update which they just released a few days ago & everyone was so exited for that update & why not? As supercell claimed that this is gonna be the biggest update ever they released yet!

Clash of Clans Boat Update’s main thing is the Boat, which allows us to go to our Builder Base. Where the troops, building, defense, management is totally different & We have to start from a mini base its like starting clash of clans from beginning.

The Update also bring some small & useful features, Balancing & New Upgrades.


Clash of Clans Boat Update:


New Levels & Balancing:

NEW: Clone Spell level 5 (Town Hall 11)

Clone Spell levels 1-5 clone capacity increased

Clone Spell level 3 now available at Town Hall 10 Weak Clone Spells are underwhelming, especially at Town Hall 10 and also increased clone capacity.

NEW: Freeze Spell level 6 (Town Hall 11)

NEW: Heal Spell level 7 (Town Hall 10)

7th Gold Mine and Elixir Collector now available at Town Hall 9 (was 10)

Bomb damage increased This highly important change ensures that one Bomb will always destroy a Wall Breaker of equal level.

Balloon attack rate increased. This change doesn’t affect the speed of the fast drop or damage per second, but an increased attack rate means each bomb does less damage.

Upgrade Time/Cost Discounts:

  • Freeze Spell levels 1-5
  • Clone Spell levels 1-5
  • Heal Spell levels 4-5


Mini Useful Features


1. Copy and Share Clan Tag

Just click on that “Share icon” to get options to copy or share.


2. Know Your Production Rate

3. Modify Your Defenses! (Coming Soon)


The Builder Base

Its like our second based & start from very beginning again, the boat allows us to access that base. Builder base is totally different from regular base, the building, troops, defense, etc. Everything is different.

They also have added some interesting things & a new Hero with a reusable ability.

1. Gem Mine

We all thought that anything like gem mine is never gonna be added in clash of clans, but they did it!? But yeah, its production rate is extremely slow, a lvl.5 Gem Mine produces 3.1 Gem per day.


2. Clock Tower

The Clock Tower makes things faster in your village, collect resources, train, research & build faster for a short amount of time. Higher level clock tower lasts longer.


3. Battle Machine

This is the new hero which unlocks at Builder Hall Level 5, This massive machine broke attempting to hoist the realm’s biggest hammer & unlike all other heroes his ability can be used again & again.



There’s also a new type of obstacle called High Grass which we can remove even when the master builder is busy!

The Army can be completely changed during the attack, so it doesn’t matter what we have trained & everything takes same time to be trained which is 1 minute per camp.

There are new defenses such as crusher which is truly a deadly defense! It can crush only melee troops.

There are new traps as well as defenses such as:

  • The Mine
  • Push Trap
  • Mega Tesla


Supercell still haven’t released everything yet, many troops & defense modifications are still locked!

Many players who quitted Clash of Clans long time ago has started it again, are you one of those? Let us know in comments :).

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